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(Noun) Satisfaction, well-being, happiness, welfare, etc.

Our philosophy

To be honest, do you think real estate is difficult?

Even I, who has lived in the real estate industry, still doesn't feel like I understand the "full picture" (I study that much everyday!).

If you're familiar with current affairs, you know that "information asymmetry" is especially noticeable in this industry.

  "Information asymmetry" = There is a disparity between the parties regarding the information that the parties have regarding products, etc. when conducting transactions.

(Quoted from Koto Bank)

It would be very difficult for a person who is not a real estate agent to equip him with enough knowledge to be able to compete with him.

Even in academic classification, if you aim for law, economics, engineering, rental management, it will extend to business administration.

However, it is one of the three most essential elements of life, as it is called "food, food and living." I can't handle it properly.

It's certainly tough, but you don't have to give up on fulfilling your wishes.

Then what do you do? Ask someone who knows it!

Who are you familiar with? Most real estate agents in the city will be familiar with it.

​But don't you feel depressed because of the sales force?

It was only in the middle age that I myself entered another industry and got the last seat in the real estate business.

I had a hard time moving because of my family situation,

Now, I'm starting to think, "I'm sure there are many people who are in trouble."

Even though I wrote that I am very familiar with real estate, my position is a financial planner.

Distribution of real estate and earning income are not the main axis.

(However, we have the goal of opening the real estate business and helping everyone to maintain a smooth living environment.)

Although real estate distribution isn't the mainstay of business, why don't you want to hear about it if someone who is familiar with real estate?

If you think "Yes, that's right", let us know!

Currently my main business


We look forward to seeing you at Yoyogi (Shinjuku), Tokyo, or Ikebukuro.

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