Vacation / business hours information 

It is described in the following Google calendar.
It is subject to change without notice, so please let us know when you make an appointment using the inquiry form.
(Normal) About vacations and special vacations .
Leave “Regular holiday” (「定休日」)is a leave taken to adjust work and reduce fatigue.
If there is an urgent request, it may be possible to adjust the schedule.

Regarding "special leave"(「特別休暇」), the schedule is not as flexible as regular leave, such as attending business-related events and not being able to handle regular work, attending ceremonial occasions, and not being in Kanto.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

* Green description is a Japanese holiday, not related to business or vacation ​​


Well-being. Tokyo Co., Ltd. Vacation calendar


Urgent matter

If you have a highly urgent consultation, please let us know without worrying about the time.
​ (In case of emergency, don't worry about New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, midnight and early morning)
Method 1 Telephone / FAX
* The phone number is not disclosed to the general public, only for those who already have a business relationship.

Method 2 (Recommended) Email (You will receive an email by sending the inquiry form on this page)
For urgent matters, I may not be able to handle it myself, but at the very least, I will take measures such as guidance of support groups.

Correspondence of holidays and vacation days
​ Only emergency response via non-profit organizations regarding the detention of those who may lose their homes or those who have already lost their homes.
Please forgive that it may take time to reply to the email.


business hours
Basic business hours are from 16:00 to 21:00.
(Please use the inquiry form / email at other times)
​ * Except when there is an appointment in advance