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​ Are you tired of visiting real estate agents now?

Before you go to a real estate agent in the city, you're probably doing some research on the real estate portal.

But could you really see the property you wanted? After being guided to a property that I didn't want, I said, "If you don't apply early, other people will take it!"

Is this really good for those who want to find a home?

Certainly a "house" that is decided on a first-come, first-served basis, but it may be better to see the house the next day.

If you repeat this endlessly, you will certainly not be able to decide on a house. But how should I make a decision? I think I have rarely met the person in charge of previewing who will teach me.

Actually, there is a way to do it. What's more, it's something that everyone is doing unconsciously in their lives, and nothing has changed.

However, it is an intermediary that keeps looking inside and making decisions. If you can start over later, you may want to bet.

However, there is no end due to various circumstances. I think that forcing a person who cannot make a mistake to make a decision will endanger his or her life.

Some may say, "It's better to have someone to support you!" Please go to another store.

We do not think that we will finish the preview once and apply for it. There are limits to what you can expect, but I advise you to be able to naturally judge whether this house is good or not without having to look at it dozens of times.

Especially for those who have a hard time finding a house, there are many cases where they are misunderstood when asked carefully. I often hear people say that a house can be decided just by removing one misunderstanding, and even if it is not decided, it will be fun to look inside.

​ Would you like to go for a preview with the intention of correcting the stereotype once?

​ We will assist you in the position of occupancy support.

Well-being.Tokyo Co., Ltd. Shinobu Kakimoto

Expenses (consultation fee)

Home search consultation and a word of advice for troubles are free of charge.

If you deal with a problem in cooperation with experts in other fields, you will incur actual costs (the amount varies depending on the content).

The estimated cost will be announced at the time of free consultation, so you may decline at that point.

As for the brokerage business cost , you will be charged "1 month rent + tax" like a normal real estate agent.

We will not collect any more, but will withdraw when there is a discount negotiation.

​ * Because you cannot take a preview guide by car, please bear the transportation expenses of public transportation to the site.

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初回連絡が難しいとき、1回で済む相談をしたいときなどは、TENOHASI のI炊き出しなどにお越しいただければ、

その場でご相談に乗ることもできます(詳細は 会社概要 参照)






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