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What you want to tell your home, especially those who are in trouble

​ Those who have trouble living

(Here, it is referred to as "weak housing")

​ For example, have you ever been "betrayed" by going to a real estate agent that says "There is a welfare property" and "Consultation for the elderly is possible"?

(In my experience, most of the people who have made a contract have been hurt by being kicked by such a real estate agent.)

Then, is the vulnerable housing bad? I don't say 100%, but 98% is different.

* Even if you have income, even if your living environment deteriorates due to the need for long-term care, I recognize that you are a vulnerable person.

(Actually, if there are elderly people in the resident household, there are many management companies that refuse)

There are certainly many factors that make housing vulnerable. Low income, welfare benefits, no relatives, single mothers, elderly people, disabilities ... there is no end to the list. Even in the examples given here, there are many people who have two or more elements by themselves.

If this is "something can be done by self-help efforts!", I would even like to listen to that theory.

Probably, I think that one person who is vulnerable to housing is not sure what to do because the problems are so intertwined (even after hearing the story face-to-face, there are few such people. there is no)


If this happens, ask someone who can solve the problem.

If we can break through here, there are some cases where we can do something about it. Don't feel guilty about relying on it.

For example, what I would do, in a parable, "unravel the entangled threads (even cables) over time" is all about this. Each and every problem is inadequate but can only be solved by various systems. If this is intertwined, you will not know how to deal with it, so it will take time, but we will focus on unraveling it.

Of course, I'm a real estate agent, so I don't say I can do anything myself. If you think this is out of your control, we will work side-by-side with welfare and legal experts to deal with it in a correct manner.

The problem here is "time". It is not uncommon for it to take a month to unravel the two problems that seem to be relatively easy, including the background.

It is self-evident that even if you ask a real estate agent who is aiming for the number of brokerage contracts, you will not be able to respond.

You can think of us as a "rush temple" rather than a real estate.

Would you like to talk once if you continue to be paid in advance or do not pass the examination?

​The cost is the same as for regular consultation and brokerage services.the relevant pagePlease refer to.

Shinobu Kakimoto

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