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Vacant house management

[Purpose of vacant house management]

There are various causes for vacant houses and rooms.

1) No one will be able to continue living due to a transfer to a distant place, or due to long-term hospitalization or long-term hospitalization.

2) I have submitted a request for sale, but it is difficult to decide. I don't plan to sell it right away, but I can't come to see it often because I live far away. Inheritance talks have been prolonged, and it is not decided who will live or sell. I'm thinking of using it for other purposes, but I can't decide on a plan.

By the way, while this 1) is decided by the person who will live or plan to live, 2) is vacant house / vacant room due to various reasons under the assumption that it will be parted in a broad sense.

The "vacant house management" that is said in the streets mainly targets 2), but I recognize that it is a vacant house that should be managed in 1), although there is not much demand. The working style of the transfer family itself is on the decline, but I think it is also important to keep an eye on people even when they are absent as vacant house / vacant room management so that their assets are not damaged.

[Managed area]

Location (1) Tokyo 23 Wards Johoku / Josai District (including some other wards): Please contact us for details.

(Example: Toshima Ward, Nerima Ward, Itabashi Ward, Kita Ward, etc.)

Location (2) Other than the above, the western part of Tokyo's 23 wards (approximately to the right of the Yamanote Line) and the neighboring municipalities of location (1)

​ Location (3) Tokyo city area and eastern part of the 23 wards



As with finding a house, we do not have a uniform menu because the cost will change for each project.

The basic management fee is "Location (1)" <"Location (2)" <"Location (3)", and the farther you go, the higher the fee.

(Because it may take a considerable amount of time to move: Negotiable) ​

(Example) Detached houses in the "Location (1)" area, only visual inspection of the exterior twice a month

"Basic cost" 10,000 yen excluding tax + tax + actual transportation cost


・ Plan change

You can patrol once a month, but I also want you to see the room. We also support options such as wanting you to patrol three times a month.

(A separate quotation will be created)

・ Expenses other than basic expenses

Additional expenses will be incurred for indoor and outdoor deterioration over time and logging of vegetation.

(Our use is not mandatory)


In principle, we cannot specify the date and time.

This is because it is difficult to check the appearance in stormy weather, and on the contrary, if there is a concern about rain leaks, the date and time of the patrol will change depending on the situation, such as going out aiming for a rainy day.

(You can specify the date and time only for witness patrols)


We will send you a photo report by email within 10 days after the patrol.

(Mailing is also possible)

We will contact you urgently when a problem is discovered that needs to be dealt with immediately.


In principle, please pay in advance (3 months or 6 months)

Cancellation is possible at any time, unused portion will be refunded (excluding transfer fee)

Only the first patrol is free as a trial.

・ Neighborhood support

As a general rule, I will go to both neighbors' homes for greetings. A management signboard can be installed as an option.

​ (It has the effect of deterring complaints and sales to vendors)

・ Acceptance

As a general rule, we will accept the appointment locally so that we can ask you about the past indoor usage situation.

(However, please contact us if you live far away)

​ We will keep one key regardless of the plan and manage it responsibly.

We will work to improve the living environment through real estate FP business.

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