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​Company profile

Company name: Well-being.Tokyo Co., Ltd.

    Well Being Tokyo Co., Ltd.

​Shinobu Kakimoto, Representative Director

Established August 2017

*contact address


​FAX: 03-6685-8237

​​ (phone number not disclosed)

Ikebukuro TENOHASI cooking (life and welfare consultation)
​ Others, ​ For soup kitchens in the western part of the metropolitan area
I go out frequently, albeit irregularly!

​TENOHASI Soup kitchen overview

​ Office


1-57-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Dormi Yoyogi Room 702

LC First Co., Ltd. noticed

​ (Head office location: Toshima-ku) ​

​ (There is an interview space in Ikebukuro)

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Interview response time (advance reservation required)

From 16:00 to 20:00

​   * Because it is not resident

Please let us know in advance * ​

* No matter how urgent it may be, we cannot (cannot) visit the office without appointment.

* Sales without appointments will be banned no matter how good the product is.


Obtained a large examination (high school graduate certification) from high school dropout. Dropped out of Chuo University.

Start working life from the restaurant business.

After acquiring the qualification as a residential land and building trader, he changed to the real estate business.

  • Don't quarrel between the lessor and the lessee (prevent before rubbing)

  • As a result of vacancy measures, the average occupancy rate exceeds 95%

  • We have a track record of welfare recipients of public assistance.

​​ Hobbies: Shooting stray cats and local cats. (Amateur arm), percussion instrument performance

  Main qualifications

・ Residential land and building trader

  ・ Rental real estate business manager

・ Second-class financial planning technician

・ Management operations chief

・ Condominium maintenance and repair technician

・ Welfare and living environment coordinator second grade

​ ・ Small-amount short-term recruitment qualifications, etc. ​

・ Cook license

​ ・ There are also first-class health supervisors ...


​ (one company) Member of the National Housing Support Council

(Company fortune)  Toshima City Council of Social Welfare Member​

Network to tackle housing poverty Member

Writing etc. (Click the title to jump to the link)

Japan Housing Conference Edition Housing White Paper 2017-2019 (Co-authored)


​ Newspaper publication  

・ April 26, 2021 Tokyo Shimbun

<Hitoyume Mirai> I want to find a place to live in the needy. A homebuilder who supports welfare users Shinobu Kakimoto (50) = Toshima Ward

・ July 31, 2021 Asahi Shimbun

Korona-ka, a man who lost his home and work

​ ・ August 31, 2021 Yomiuri Shimbun

[Reliable design to support each other] Part 6 That's right due to difficulties <Middle> I lost my house The first step to rehabilitation

February 24, 2022 Tokyo Shimbun​

Mr. and Mrs. Tokyo provide 1 apartment building "For rebuilding life" of people who lost their homes due to Korona-ka

​ ・ April 8, 2022 Mainichi Shimbun

I can't rent a house ... The suffering of "vulnerable people" who receive welfare protection

・ April 30, 2022 Shimbun Akahata

Korona-ka, widening disparity From the field of support for increasing the number of people in need of housing

​ (not posted on the web)


TV coverage

December 26, 2021 NTV

Street life ... People who lost their "homelessness" in Korona

​​ Radio coverage

​ ・ July 9, 2022 TBS Radio

A consultant company that supports vulnerable housing search

It's hard to update the homepage, so I'm posting daily miscellaneous feelings on Facebook.

I don't really touch my private life, and what I want to tell everyone is "open to the public", so I can read it without applying for friends.

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  Our business


  ・ Providing information and consultation regarding smooth occupancy of rental housing, such as housing consultation for people who need to secure housing

  ・ Life support for people who need to secure housing, such as watching over people who need to secure housing

  ・ Mainly mediation work for vulnerable housing, living environment maintenance work

  Other core business

  ・ Arbitrary guardianship ・ Post-mortem office work

  ・​ Planning and implementation of effective utilization of vacant houses

  ・ Rental management business

  ・ Financial planning work for middle-income to low-income earners

  ・ Consulting services related to real estate acquisition, disposal, sale, and leasing

  ・ All other incidental work

Business related to residential land and building business is under the name of "LC First Co., Ltd."

Other businesses are separated from the business under the name of "Well-being. Tokyo Co., Ltd."

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