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It's a waste of your precious time just "finding" a home!

It is your responsibility to leave the preparation to the agent and make the decision. Don't you think it makes sense?

We will examine the contents of the corresponding work each time upon request.

The cost is basically only the brokerage fee .

​We also accept requests from public institutions and NPOs.

(Conditions will change slightly, so please contact us separately)

​A deposit of 5,000 yen will be charged, but it will be used as a commission

However, there is no refund for cancellation in the middle


Significant change in request content: 10,000 yen/time (change from condominium to detached house, etc.)

Consulting such as "I don't know the criteria for searching!": 30,000 yen/time (*)

​Consulting when requesting rare properties: ¥30,000/time (*)

Consulting for non-residential (office/store): 20,000 yen/time (*)

(Price excluding tax)

Note: The consulting cost of (*) is limited to one collection per project

​In most cases, there are no options. Rest assured!

Until now, the “real estate agent” was, as it were, a “property agent”.

However, did it match the profits of "seller/buyer" and "lender/borrower"?

​As the agent of the client, we will carry out the agent (agent) work that will satisfy you with the utmost care so that no disadvantage will occur.

◎Example of use

・Those who are too busy with work to browse the property search website

・Those who do not understand the quality of the site or property

・Person who cannot easily go for a preview due to physical disability or old age

・Person who needs welfare improvement or bringing in medical equipment when moving in

-Those who continue to have NG screening due to aging, low income, etc.

​・Public institutions and NPOs working to support housing

If you have any difficulty finding a home, please let us know!

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