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(Noun) Satisfaction, well-being, happiness, welfare, etc.


​ Greetings

Even in ​ in Tokyo, which is said to have an influx of population, the number of vacant houses is increasing, of which about half is for rent.

(Excerpt from the 2018 Housing and Land Statistics Survey)

On the other hand, it is well known that the number of people who need to secure housing, mainly the elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income people, is increasing.

Certainly, I can fully understand the reason why the lender wants to avoid people who need to secure housing (weak housing).

But lately, it has alleviated some of the causes of shyness,

A mechanism is being put in place to allow each other to have a win-win relationship.

However , it takes a lot of time and effort as a trader to use the mechanism steadily, so

Are you pretending not to see? I dare to ask with self-reflection.

In fact, listen carefully to the details of those who are having trouble living and those who are having trouble with vacant rooms.

After repeated consultations, there were quite a few cases where "actually, the match was exquisite ."

​ It takes time and "productivity" is low, but we recognize that it is unavoidable in difficult cases.

Even if you are dealing with a lender, even if you are already exhausted from rental management and have reached the limit of your energy,

We will respond after scrutinizing "Why are you tired?"

(Since we do not dare to prepare a fixed "management menu", we change the correspondence for each case)

Until now and in the future

So that both borrowers and lenders can live up to the expectations of those in need.

I dare not pay attention to "unintelligible industry beliefs" and "useless practices".

We will do our utmost to become a floating entity.



Shinobu Kakimoto

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