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"LC First Co., Ltd."

(Mediation through our company is handled here)

Comprehensive site about Corona

"New Corona Disaster Emergency Action "

If you are having trouble with tomorrow's food expenses and sleeping place today

​“Tsukuroi Tokyo Fund”

・Revision of Safety Net Law

``Tokyo Metropolitan Residence Support Council''

"Toshima City Residence Support Council"

"Toshima Residents Social Welfare Council"

​``Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism''

It is a master's blog

"Rental management complaint diary"

・Homepage of the teacher

​“Super Vacancy Measures Co., Ltd.”

・Self introduction & various useful sites (Youtube)

Also accept consultation from here.

· Complete profile and track record have me!

Insurance media "Mitsukaru Insurance"

Financial media "Manet"

​*Under construction...

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