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Do you often go out to find a place to live?

First, let's doubt it

The search for housing has become diversified, and it has become possible to introduce the "IT critical theory".

​However, due to various reasons, you can not easily find a house...

​Because of various circumstances and social conditions, and lacking knowledge alone, the difficulty of finding a house to live for a long time is a considerable stress. There is certainly a lot of information, but how do you choose? Those who are puzzled when they go home after moving...

We dare to propose "Looking for a home in a low-tech home" here.

All you need is a smartphone or computer. Usually you don't even have to have a special app

  • First of all, present a large amount of information like a real estate store, what kind of house do you like? We will ask you from the data you sent.

(Data will be delivered as pdf or image)

  • It is recommended that you visit the preview as soon as you have decided your wishes. There is still a big difference between the drawing and the real thing (most people are here for the first time)

  • If you have a situation where you can't go out, we will take photos and videos from the interior (from the room to the equipment and the angle photo showing the approximate size ), the building exterior to the roadside to the nearest station. Please see the image at home

  • After reading, we will understand the good and bad and further narrow down the desired conditions.

​(Finally, if you think this property is good, I recommend that you go to the site, but do not force it)

During this period, information will be exchanged via email or SNS as needed. (We recommend email if you want to think carefully and give an answer.)

  • When the properties are finally narrowed down, we will move on to consultation on the conditions. There are some people who say "that hope is impossible", but if you just tell us, there is no adverse effect.

If the preparation of the initial cost is insufficient, and consultation with the related parties

  • When the desired conditions are met, it is finally time to explain the contract. Even if you are worried about the time when you are out, you will be relaxed and smart at home (with IT equipment, if you have the equipment ready)

  • After understanding the contents of the contract, we will perform the contract procedure (if you are late, we will meet you here for the first time) There are many things to prepare in advance, but about where to go and what you can get I will also tell you

By the way, the one used so far is a pdf viewer or an application for browsing images. Only email or SNS. This alone can be done up to this point (IT heavy theory + microphone and camera)

If you are hesitant to search for a home because you are busy or troublesome, do you feel a little motivated?

​The cost is basically only the regular brokerage fee.

Through real estate FP business

Eliminate housing difficulties caused by poverty and old age.

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