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​Are you worried about this?

  • Dealing with owned vacant houses (planned vacant houses)

…I don't know what to do just by reading a book, I want to know the cost.

The more you think about it, the more you enter the labyrinth! Such

  • ​Vacancy measures for investment real estate

...I've been taking measures against vacancies for a while, but it's about to become a personal property without being vacant for months.

I don't know whether to trust the management company anymore. Limited self-management! Such

  • Maintenance and utilization of unoccupied houses. ​Inheritance, voluntary guardianship

…Even if a vacant house is a vacant house, I want you to apologize for “specific” vacant houses!

Isn't there a place where you can entrust the work that is indispensable to vacant house and vacant room measures together? Such.

  • Real estate plan  

…I would like to know how much the real estate will cost in the future and the investment effect.

There are many books on the theme of "Crash of real estate!" Such

  • Second opinion for real estate sales and leasing

…I'm worried that the prices and conditions presented for buying and selling or renting are appropriate.

I don't know what's right anymore! I've become a suspicious demon. Such

  • Scrutiny of real estate contract documents

… No matter how much you read it, I want to know if the contract documents are correct and there are no inappropriate provisions.

Isn't it a contract that ignores civil law revisions? Such

⇒ Actually, all of them are "troublesome" for real estate agents.

That's why financial planners with real estate experience come into play.


"The current management company will do it for free," may be true.

​The high difficulty property (project) that does not solve the problem,

Why not try the results with a paid service?

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