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Eliminate housing difficulties caused by poverty and old age through real estate FP operations.

Lecture "Significance and issues of rent guarantee business" (tentative title)

As a person involved in both the real estate brokerage / management business and consumer / needy support, I have always felt that the differences in views regarding rent debt guarantee companies (hereinafter referred to as “guarantee companies”) are noticeable.

This time, we will invite employees of an active guarantee company to explain the significance and issues of the guarantee company from the perspective of rent guarantee practice.

We would like to invite real estate related companies, people involved in supporting the needy, and other related parties to join us.

Please consider positively.


Since this is the first time for a series of lectures, there are many trial points. We would appreciate your cooperation in the pre-questionnaire survey.

(Click here for the pre-questionnaire form )



* Please forgive that there are many undecided points as of April 9th.

(Late April, scheduled to be updated)


  • Date and time Saturday, June 19, 2021 14: 00-16: 00 (confirmed)

  • Venue Toshima Civic Center

1-20-10 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (confirmed)

(Video recording and distribution of plans is not carried out)

  • Organizer: Well-being.Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Our company: confirmed)


  • Program (planned)

1) Explanation of precautions

2) Outline explanation of rent debt guarantee contract

3) Lecture

4) Q & A


  • Cost: 500 yen per person as venue fee, etc. Introducing Cassless payment (planned) No discount system

  • Capacity: Determined according to national and local government infection control guidelines as of June

  • It will be held as part of the "Super Basic Course on Real Estate" described later.

(We are not the host of the "Super Basic Course", but we will only host the projects related to the guarantee company. )

  • We cannot secure enough time for the question and answer session on the day. Questions will be asked separately and will be answered at the lecture in July.


  • important point

1) We will operate the venue with a small number of members, so please forgive us for any inconvenience.

2) Please cooperate in wearing a mask, washing your hands in advance, and disinfecting with alcohol (wearing a mask is essential, including when speaking).

3) We will answer questions about the speaker and the management side, but if it is judged that it is a personality attack, you will be asked to leave at the management side's judgment.

(At that time, the cost will not be refunded)


* The June performance will focus on expressing the thoughts of the guarantee company employees.

A separate forum for expressing opinions on the side of consumer support and support for the needy will be set up in July .

(Confirmed to be held at the same venue on July 10)

About publication of lecture plans

The lecture plans that we support and cooperate with will be basically posted on the "Housing Problem Bulletin Board" on Facebook in the future.

We will only post on this page if you are planning to move away from the real estate.

Facebook “Housing Problem Board”

Real-world "super basics" series course held!
・I don't feel like I know the real estate
・I don't know if I know real estate
・I think the industry is uncertain
・Clearly saying, "It smells bad!"
To be honest, the real estate that is difficult to understand and suspicious
A series of lectures with easy-to-understand explanations.
Currently, planning preparation is in progress.
*The 1st meeting will be held in Toshima City in July 2020
(Depending on the status of COVID-19 , it may be postponed)
​We will announce this page and Facebook as soon as details are decided!
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